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Revenue operations

Establishing operational infrastructure and enhancing overall business visibility for lead generation.

To achieve these two goals, we conducted a thorough needs assessment and implemented a tailored action plan. We leveraged three key strategies; LinkedIn outreach automation to expand the professional network and generate leads, content marketing management to improve online presence and engage potential clients, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to track and manage customer interactions efficiently.
By utilizing tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp, PhantomBuster,, and, we were able to streamline their marketing campaigns, automate data collection and lead generation, and enable the efficient management of projects, ultimately achieving the desired outcome.

The work resulted in significant improvements to LN Westgate's business operations, including a increase in outgoing communications, leading to enhanced lead engagement. The firm's LinkedIn connections grew by 150%, resulting in four new client meetings per month. The engagement also had a substantial financial impact, with an addition of $320,000 to the firm's annual sales pipeline. Additionally, the founder, Lisa Westgate, reported a reduction in daily workload of 2-3 hours due to automation, and praised the clarity and direction provided by the engagement, which also empowered her to understand and set KPIs.

systems & operations

Streamlining operations to support scaling, facilitating faster payments, and building brand awareness.

We prioritized high-impact initiatives by first building a client portal using low-code tools and integrating Stripe for automated invoice processing and payment collection. This addressed the critical challenges of manual processes and delayed payments. Next, we focused on enhancing brand visibility and lead generation by implementing social media management strategies on platforms like LinkedIn. Additionally, we deployed Airtable as a centralized CRM system to manage customer data and facilitate efficient lead management.

The engagement resulted in notable improvements for the M&A Supplier Diversity Consultancy's operations and brand visibility. The launch of the company's first webinar series was a significant achievement. Additionally, the implementation of social media strategies led to a substantial 300% increase in LinkedIn post reshares and a 222.2% increase in post impressions. These outcomes contributed to building brand awareness and generating more business opportunities. The client reported a positive impact on their operations, stating that the solutions enabled them to streamline processes, improve accountability, and gain a broader perspective on their business. The implementation of automated invoicing and payment processing through the client portal streamlined their financial management, leading to faster payment cycles.


Bolstering sales operations across NA and EMEA by adding resource capacity & leadership.

We began by auditing and mapping the buyer journey to identify bottlenecks, slow leaks, and opportunities for efficiencies through automation. We provided recommendations for a sales and customer success framework overhaul, consolidated the revenue tech stack under the RevOps function, and provided operational support for the North America sales team.

The Opening Door's expertise in revenue operations and their ability to provide strategic and tactical recommendations allowed for significant improvements in the client's sales operations. By consolidating the revenue tech stack under a central function, The Opening Door was able to reduce the average response time of internal CRM support tickets. Additionally, the recommendations provided for the sales and customer success framework overhaul allowed for an increase in pipeline accuracy, leading to improved forecasting.

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experience strategy & design

Revamping website and optimizing digital footprint, with the goal of driving better conversion rates.

We began by conducting an assessment of EQ's current state, ideal state, and dream state, and then worked closely with EQ's leadership team to align on their findings and recommendations. By listening closely to EQ's needs and preferences, The Opening Door was able to provide wireframes and modelling of different solutions, and leverage qualitative data to inform their approach.

Our strategic and tactical approach to website redesign and digital optimization allowed EQ to improve their brand awareness and digital presence, and achieve their goals of driving better conversion rates. By leveraging EQ's rebranding efforts and aligning the website redesign with EQ's overall sales and marketing strategy, The Opening Door helped to create a cohesive digital brand image for EQ, and reinforce their position in the market. The results speak for themselves, demonstrating the value of The Opening Door's expertise in revenue operations and digital optimization.

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